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Whether you aspire to be a star or not, pray.

God of Entertainment
" The Six Arts Gods!

If you laugh a lot, sing a lot, and dance a lot, please pray to
Good things may happen...

The secret to improving your karaoke skills. From enka to rap, you may become good at it.

Shamisen, violin, and electric guitar are all God's help in times of trouble.

If you are a talker, you should.
The must-know tricks of presentation also start with prayer.

Laughter is the lubricant of relationships.
If you want to be considered funny, you should.

It's a long life, and sometimes you have to play yourself.
Before we rise and fall, we must first pray.

Put your hands together with the God of Dance
you'll have a dancing heart...

Panel showing the faces of the six performing arts deities

Location: Various locations on Broadway in the Sixth Ward