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What is Roku-ku Broadway?

Roku-ku Broadway" used to be the busiest theater district in Japan, lined with theaters and entertainment facilities.
Its history dates back to 1884, when the precincts of Sensoji Temple were named Senso Park and divided into seven wards.
Among them, Roku-ku is a spectacular main street with theaters such as Jobanza, the first theater in Asakusa Park Roku-ku and the birthplace of "Asakusa Opera," Denki Kan, Japan's first permanent katsudo shashinkan (modern movie theater), and Tokyo Club.

It has always produced the stars of the era, such as Enoken and Roppa, Mitsuyo Asaka of Shochiku Engeijo, Conto 55 and Two Beat of the Franceza.

It is truly a sacred place for Japanese entertainment.
Now, Roku-ku Broadway is about to be revived once again, with its traditions intact.



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