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Asakusa View Hotel Annex Rokku

Experience traditional Japanese culture and feel the "real Asakusa" at

Asakusa View Hotel Annex Roku-ku is located in Asakusa Park Roku-ku, an area that still retains a strong sense of good old traditional Japanese culture, where movie theaters, Yose theaters, and theaters have lined the streets since the Meiji and Taisho periods, and the area boasted as the most prosperous downtown area in Tokyo.

As a hotel built in an area of historical traditions and performing arts culture, the hotel was created as an interactive hotel where guests can experience traditional Japanese culture under the concept of "a base for transmitting culture and experiencing culture.

Asakusa View Hotel Annex Rokku

Address: 2-9-10 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 0570-003-235
(Asakusa View Hotel Representative)

*Please check the phone number (especially at night and early in the morning) to make sure you are calling the right number.


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