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ESOW x ROKKU BROADWAY exhibition "Roku-ku Broadway Shopping Street

A new shopping district advertisement that will make Asakusa Roku-gu even more colorful has been completed!
The artistic advertisements, which are a combination of photographs of stores in the shopping district and the wonderful illustrations with soul by renowned local artist "ESOW," have been decorating the town since March 15, 2024.
This exhibition and sales event will bring together 32 original advertisements.
The original drawings, filled with ESOW's creative style, have become a new history and culture of the town, and this is a rare opportunity to experience their charm.
Please visit the Asakusa Roku-ku Broadway Shopping Arcade and spend an exciting day in the world of ESOW x Roku-ku Broadway Shopping Arcade.

The exhibition will be held at the UNIQLO Asakusa store, where original paintings will be on sale, so don't miss the chance to get your hands on a special piece of art!
We are sincerely looking forward to seeing you there.

★ Please check Please check
*Please note that all original artwork sold will be taken home on the same day.
If you would like to see more original artwork, please come to the venue as soon as possible.
Payment for sales and purchases is by credit card only, Credit card payment only. Please note that payment for sales and purchases will be made by credit card only (checkout will be accepted at the exhibition area).
(Checkout will be accepted at the exhibition area. Please note that purchases cannot be made at the UNIQLO Asakusa cash register.)

*The exhibition has ended.

We are now selling them on the web for a limited time (until May 10)!


[ESOW] Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1972.

Born in Tokyo in 1972, ESOW started skateboarding at the age of 13 and moved to the U.S. at 17, where he encountered graffiti and created his own unique style influenced by the Edo style, which is also his own roots. Based in Asakusa, he has been attracting attention for many years, showing his works not only in Japan but also in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. His medium of expression is broad and flexible, including paper, wall, timber, and three-dimensional works. He has also been involved in a wide range of activities, including providing artwork to various brands and companies. He is also a founding member of "T19," a pioneering group in Japanese skate culture, and a member of the "Big Picture Experiment," which has made its mark on the history of graffiti in Japan.

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■32 original artworks in total sold at UNIQLO Asakusa store
■32 original artworks in total sold at UNIQLO Asakusa store

Outline of the event

Exhibition name
ESOW×ROKKU BROADWAY exhibition "Roku-ku Broadway Shopping Street
April 12 (Fri.) - 21 (Sun.), 2024
UNIQLO Asakusa Store 2F
"UTme!" area ESOW space
Asakusa Building 1-2F, 2-6-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032
Email: jimukyoku@arama.jp

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